Michelle Obama to Divorce Barack Over Copious Nudity in Netflix Series

In recent news, Barack Obama has come under fire from traditional Republican Party members over his future involvement in a Netflix Series covering topics around his presidency and the initiatives he and Michelle are looking to further. While conservative Paul Ryan has taken shots at the ordeal as gratuitous praise of the left by the media, Michelle has taken issue with another key aspect of the series: the expected graphic nudity of the former president.

After she got hold of the scripts, it became evident that Barack was just trying to show off his new post-presidency body under the guise of political commentary.

On the issue of gun control, Obama lectured on common sense measures from increasing the age to buy a firearm to an outright rifle ban. Much to the viewer’s surprise and Michelle’s chagrin, as he switched talking points from mass shooting statistics to a family’s testimony, his loose fitting shorts left little to the imagination, especially as he crossed his legs in a fashion similar to that of the infamous “Basic Instinct” scene.

In one talking point, Barack is discussing the issue of bipartisan disagreement surrounding climate change while lying on the couch from the set of titanic and being painted in the complete nude. Much to the viewer’s surprise, he is sporting a small, italic 44 just below his right hip bone.

While the series is still in development, neither Netflix nor the Obama family lawyers have responded to any questions regarding the matter. One reporter noted that Michelle was spending time in Florida as opposed to Maryland.

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