Gutmann Asks Students to Lobby Against Trump Tax Plan


By Dominic Gregorio

Penn president Amy Gutmann sent an email Thursday morning asking students to lobby against Trump-backed Republican tax reform proposals making their way through the U.S. House and Senate.

Entitled “A Message to the Penn Community” and co-signed by Provost Wendell Pritchett and Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli, the email was sent to all undergraduates and began by raising concerns that tax changes would impose costs on the university and its students.

According to the message, potential tax targets include the university’s endowment income.

The email also lists reducing the charitable deduction and eliminating the student loan deduction in a string of potential “regressive changes” to the tax code that would harm Penn students. “We believe strongly that many of these changes would have a detrimental impact on our students.”

The email went on to assure students that Penn is working “vigorously and proactively” to lobby along with “peer universities and professional groups” against proposed tax code changes.

Closing the message, Gutmann called for students to lobby against the GOP bills. She wrote, “At this pivotal moment, we urge you to express your views through social media and directly to elected officials in the House of Representatives and the Senate…Thank you for your help in this important cause.”

The email included a link for students to follow for federal elected officials’ contact information.

You can access a full copy of the email below or by following this link.



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