Penn Reacts to Clinton Loss with Canceled Classes and Coloring

After a historic Election Day, the University of Pennsylvania is reacting to the first election of one of its own alumni to the highest office of the United States.

Many professors canceled classes and examinations scheduled for Wednesday. A Wharton management professor claimed to “have heard from an unusual number of students this morning that they are unwell” and therefore offered a makeup date for the scheduled midterm.  Other professors decided to postpone tests entirely. One Spanish teacher wrote in an email to her class that “the generally unexpected election results are likely to interfere or to have interfered with concentration.”

Other outlets for coping were offered to students as well. Some professors turned Wednesday’s classes into “safe spaces” in which students could freely express their concerns for their futures.  On a campus that voted 3612-375 in favor of Hillary Clinton, these open forums were naturally dominated by anti-Trump voices.

A myriad of student organizations also organized a solidarity walk on Wednesday evening.  According to the event’s Facebook page, the walk supported “POC, immigrants, POWs, Muslims, Jews, Latinxs, LGBTQ+, minorities, women disabled folks [sic], POWs, anyone and everyone who is affected and would be/will be affected by a Trump Presidency.”

One of the dorms on campus even set up a “breathing space” the night after election day. Cats, a puppy, coloring pages, and snacks were offered to help students “decompress in a low-key and low-stress environment.”  The event certainly had a timid and fearful undertone, as students were hesitant to discuss what awaits the United States in January.

The administration of the University issued several statements. At Wednesday’s University Council meeting, Penn President Amy Gutmann tearfully spoke on how “bitter, divisive, and hurtful” this election cycle has been for many Americans. The University Chaplain also reached out to those who “are particularly struggling today” to let them know that they “are deeply valued here at Penn.”

33 thoughts on “Penn Reacts to Clinton Loss with Canceled Classes and Coloring

  1. I am just wondering if these ultra sensitive, fragile psyche students are expected to some day become the leaders of tomorrow.

  2. The poor little snowflakes. The future is quite dim if we are going to have to rely on these poor little fragile children to take over someday. Life is tough so buck up and act like the adults you are now supposed to be. Finally, to the profs and school administration- you are enabling weakness instead of helping to develop strong adults to meet the world head on.

  3. “safe space”
    “interfered with concentration”
    Postpone tests?! Really? What will they do when they grow up? Pathetic.

  4. Are there any men at the college ? Please go back to class buttercups. All the professors allowing this are a disgrace and need fired.

  5. Are these students going to stay in these safe places for the next 4 (8?) years? Are they going to continue pay tuition? Do they expect the rest of us to pay their tuition?

    When are they going to grow up?

  6. UPENN President Amy Gutmann has not issued a congratulatory university press release to POTUS-elect Trump. A deplorable display of Penn’s leftist, liberal prejudice. How do you not congratulate your own alum, elected to the most prestigous position in world history?

  7. what poor student babies. do they need a tissue to wipe away the tears? The fact that these professors feel the need to coddle these supposed-grown ups by giving them the day off from school is a main reason why millions of Americans were fed up with our “PC” culture and voted to elect the biggest non-PC POTUS in history.

  8. it’s unbelievable these professors felt the need to “coddle” these fragile and supposedly grown up students by giving them a day off school. Americans are sick and tired of this PC culture at our nation’s universities which is one reason this country voted for the biggest non-PC candidate in American history. I’ll spring for the kleenex tissues…

  9. For those of you curious about their tuition, Penn’s vast financial resources means they can promise to cover tuition/fees/room and board for all financial students who need it. I believe discounted tuition is available up to those earning about $125K.

  10. I have always been a proud Penn graduate. This sheltered and elitist response however is not something I’m proud of. I didn’t vote for Trump. Buy life is hard. You don’t always get your way. Learn to work under all circumstances to come up with positive solutions.

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