Free Speech Ball Takes Over College Green

On Tuesday, Penn students celebrated free speech on campus by writing various comments on a giant free speech ball, courtesy of The Statesman.

The event, put on by The Statesman to raise awareness on the suppression of free speech that exists on many campuses nationwide, garnered a variety of responses, as there were no requirements or restrictions on what could or couldn’t be written on the ball.

Students and other passers-by outside of Van Pelt library wrote various comments including “Impeach Gutmann!” “Screw CIS 110,” “HilLIARy,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “So glad I’m not a vegan.”


Some students wrote positive, uplifting comments, such as “Stay blessed! Stay happy,” while others were more humorous – “College is a trap! Run while you still can,” one student wrote.


At the end of the day, the ball was covered with various students’ writings.

It seems that unfiltered, free expression is something that Penn students enjoy.


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