The Chalkening Has Arrived

Students at the University of Pennsylvania just couldn’t let it go when “Vote Trump 2016” chalkings appeared throughout campus Tuesday morning.

A movement that has been dubbed “The Chalkening” has been spreading across college campuses since the spring of last year, and many students and faculty have been “triggered” by the markings.

The University of Pennsylvania is no exception.

A couple of hours after the chalkings originally appeared, students began to add sarcastic comments to the messages.



Some comments, such as the above, “TV tested, Snooki approved” and “Free Taco Bowls for All!” were humorous.


However, others suggested that Trump’s supporters are all white supremacists.


And, to top it off, one remark equates Trump with Hitler.

Christian Petrillo, a student who supports Trump, commented on the remarks saying, “I think it’s just another example of any non-liberal voices being silenced or ignored on campus.”

Petrillo added, “The comparisons to Hitler and the generalization of his supporters as white supremacists is nonsense. Wanting a secure border and immigration reform doesn’t make you xenophobic or racist.”

The Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn’s daily newspaper, has not covered the defacing of the pro-Trump chalkings, and the administration has not issued a statement.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the comments have not been removed.

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