When Political Preferences Trump Moral Decency

A recent Variety interview with actress and comedian Chelsea Handler points to some of the larger problems with mainstream leftism.

While the short interview was laced with rude and crude remarks about President Trump, the one that has generated the most buzz is Handler’s comment about First Lady Melania Trump’s accent. Asked if she would have the First Lady as a guest on her Netflix web talk show Chelsea, Handler replied: “No. Melania? To talk about what? She can barely speak English.”

This is not the first time Handler has mocked Mrs. Trump’s English-speaking ability. Over the course of the election cycle, the comedian tweeted about Mrs. Trump’s accent on multiple occasions. When a Trump supporter suggested that Melania would “bring beauty and grace back to the The [sic] White House,” Handler replied “just as soon as she learns how to speak English.”

Making fun of an immigrant whose first language isn’t English – isn’t that a bit . . . dare I say it . . . xenophobic? Donald Trump’s critics have decried him as a xenophobe for months, yet when a mainstream Hollywood leftist mocks a woman because she speaks in broken English, it is somehow acceptable.

Some also deem it acceptable for leftists to make fun of the President’s 10 year old child. Last week, SNL writer Katie Rich tweeted (and later deleted) the statement: “Barron [Trump] will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” After SNL suspended Rich, Chelsea Handler came to her defense, tweeting “It’s interesting that a writer on SNL is held to a higher standard of language than the man we elected…” Handler justifies Rich’s rather dark joke about the President’s son because Trump himself has obviously tweeted and said things that were less-than-nice.

I’m a firm believer in the old adage most of us were taught as small children, which holds that “two wrongs don’t make a right.” That Donald Trump is often perceived as a “bully” does not justify bullying a child. That Melania Trump has made the “error” of marrying the Left’s favorite super-villain does not make her any less worthy of our respect as a human being.

The treatment of the First Family this week highlights some of the hypocrisies underlying mainstream leftism. So too did the Women’s March on Washington last weekend, as event organizers removed a pro-life feminist group from its list of sponsors.

Feminism, one of the cornerstones of progressive liberalism, is about “empowering” women to the extent that those women agree with the “intersectional” agenda agreed upon by those in power within the movement. Conservative and pro-life women must be excluded from feminism because they have exercised their right to choose their own opinions.

While Chelsea Handler claimed in her Variety interview that the march she led at the Sundance Film Festival inspired her to “love on the people that [she doesn’t] even like,” she also remarked that she has no respect for the President and the First Lady. The women’s marches brought together a myriad of issues but purposefully excluded others. The left constantly calls for tolerance, but it has shown time and time again that it cannot practice what it preaches.


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