Get Out, John

If – or possibly, when – Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination, many will share the blame. But perhaps none will be at fault to the extent that Ohio Governor John Kasich will.

Right now, it is not mathematically possible for John Kasich to secure the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination. With just over 20 states remaining, Kasich has won a grand total of one state: Ohio.

One might say that he is using his Ohio victory as his reason for remaining in the race. If this is the case, he is ignoring one simple truth: No candidate has ever won the Republican nomination having won only one state. It has never happened. And it’s not going to happen in 2016.

It is common knowledge that Trump loses a two-man race against pretty much anyone, including Cruz. And Cruz is the only candidate remaining other than Kasich; indeed, he is within striking distance of Trump as far as delegates are concerned. But he will not be able to win the nomination if Kasich stays in, splitting the vote.

Additionally, the sheer amount of ego that Kasich continues to display by virtue of remaining in the race is rather off-putting. One would think that if a man were faced with the prospect of choosing one of two paths – one of which is personal success, the other of which is the good of one’s country and the aversion of national disaster – he would choose the latter. But not John Kasich – no, not John Kasich at all. He is either completely stupid – possible, but not probable given his successful political career – or unwaveringly arrogant.

Of course, it wasn’t only Kasich who stayed in too long. Marco Rubio should have gotten out after Super Tuesday. Ben Carson should have been out after Iowa. However, with the amount of ego it takes to run for President in the first place, it shouldn’t be surprising when these candidates stay in well past their time. The candidates who resist the temptation to feed their egos are the most respectable ones.

Indeed, the men for whom I have gained the most respect throughout this election cycle are people like Sen. Rand Paul and Gov. Scott Walker, who dropped out as soon as they realized that they had to drop out for the good of the country.

The only two people who have an argument to remain in the race at this point are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. This is what it should come down to: two outsider candidates representing two different voting blocs, one holding himself in highest esteem, the other holding the Constitution and the Bible in highest esteem. Let the two men duke it out.

Get out, John.

One thought on “Get Out, John

  1. I strongly agree! Every time I hear Kasich he sounds more desperate and more devious. I know he expects to muscle his way on to the floor after making sure that neither one of the other candidates has the magic number. Obviously he also expects there to be a Rule 40 change because I do not see how he can get a majority of the delegates in nine individual states. In the past the establishment might have been able to circumvent the rules or manipulate things to suit their wishes, but today we have instant coverage, Twitter, cell phones, etc. That convention will be WATCHED. So whether John thinks he is the only one qualified to be president or not, it is “we the people” whose opinion counts and you are right on target, in my opinion. John should go back to Ohio.

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