We Have No Clue What We’re Doing

We, the citizens of the United States of America, are flirting with the prospective nominations of a real-estate totalitarian and a 74-year-old socialist who honeymooned in the USSR. We have absolutely no clue what we’re doing. And there is no tidy solution on the horizon. I’ve heard many people say that they don’t understand Donald … Continue reading We Have No Clue What We’re Doing


The Race Takes Shape in South Carolina, Nevada

The third election night of the 2016 election cycle has come and gone with minimal contest for the winners, Clinton in Nevada and Trump in South Carolina. Nevada was a much clearer race due to only having two candidates. Despite recent talk of Sanders making the state highly competitive, Clinton won by 6 points. Some … Continue reading The Race Takes Shape in South Carolina, Nevada

Evan McMullin Talks Poverty, Foreign Affairs

Evan McMullin, Chief Policy Director for the House Republican Conference, came to Penn this past Friday to speak on his vision for the Republican party. In his speech he argued that the happiness of all people is best maximized by decreasing Federal influence on individual lives at home and increasing the exercise of American power … Continue reading Evan McMullin Talks Poverty, Foreign Affairs

Dem Debate: Can Republicans Bring the Heat?

After the last Democratic debate, it is even more abundantly clear what today’s Democratic party stands for and what the party stands against. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders spent most of their time going after things that hold American society together - the military, the police, and free-market economics - while supporting ideas that can really … Continue reading Dem Debate: Can Republicans Bring the Heat?

NH Votes: Trump, Sanders Win, Rubio Shaken

Tuesday night’s New Hampshire first-in-the-nation primary followed polling much more closely than Iowa’s results did. Trump, as expected, won outright, with Kasich coming in second as the strongest establishment candidate in this primary. Rubio ended in 5th place, a poor showing for the seeming establishment favorite, largely due to his prosecution by Christie (did you … Continue reading NH Votes: Trump, Sanders Win, Rubio Shaken

Make or Break New Hampshire

After what seems like years of anticipation, the Republican and Democratic primaries have finally commenced. Much to the surprise (and chagrin) of Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and in a result that polling failed to predict, Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) and Clinton virtually tied in the Iowa caucus. This close two-person competition left Martin O’Malley with no choice but … Continue reading Make or Break New Hampshire

A Battle of Moral Arithmetic

As a dedicated conservative, I find myself consistently saddened by the widespread public perception of conservatives as mean, selfish, greedy, and detached from broader society. As Arthur Brooks explained in a 2013 article for the American Enterprise Institute, ​"Conservatives are fighting a losing battle of moral arithmetic. They hand an argument with virtually 100% public support—care … Continue reading A Battle of Moral Arithmetic