We’re In This Together

Allow me to preface this by saying that I am in no way trying to start controversy, but merely commenting on what I see as a very upsetting and disheartening situation following the election results. In the past three days, the reaction to Trump’s victory has been strong, particularly among millennials. A big part of … Continue reading We’re In This Together


Clinton, Kaine Rally at Penn Park

Late on October 22, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine came to the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Park to rally support for their ticket with little more than two weeks before Election Day. Despite a fifty-minute late start and sporadic technical difficulties throughout Clinton’s speech, the event certainly showed the support … Continue reading Clinton, Kaine Rally at Penn Park

Oh Yes, I Am a Trump Supporter

Yes, I am an ever-exotic Ivy League Republican. No, Donald Trump is not a perfect conservative. Yes, I am still voting for him. Surely those in the party who have declined to do so have noticed that Hillary Clinton is no ideologically pure adherent to liberalism. Yet if elected, she has pledged to lead the … Continue reading Oh Yes, I Am a Trump Supporter

The Chalkening Has Arrived

Students at the University of Pennsylvania just couldn't let it go when "Vote Trump 2016" chalkings appeared throughout campus Tuesday morning. A movement that has been dubbed "The Chalkening" has been spreading across college campuses since the spring of last year, and many students and faculty have been "triggered" by the markings. The University of … Continue reading The Chalkening Has Arrived

After Iowa, A Three-Man Race Emerges

After all the media hype, all that really matters is votes. And finally, the first votes have been cast. Ted Cruz claimed victory at the Iowa caucuses with 28% of the vote, followed by Donald Trump with 24%. Marco Rubio was right on Trump’s heels with 23%. These results surprised many, since Trump had been … Continue reading After Iowa, A Three-Man Race Emerges