Film Review: “An Inconvenient Sequel”

By Toren Arginteanu Self-proclaimed "man who used to be the next president" Al Gore is releasing an "Inconvenient Sequel" to his award-winning 2006 documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." The trailer was recently released, and the film itself will be released later this year. Gore and his original film have been overwhelmingly lauded for his predictions that … Continue reading Film Review: “An Inconvenient Sequel”


CFACT: The Group for Common Sense Environmentalism

Last week, I had the pleasure of talking with Adam Houser, the national director of collegians of CFACT - Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow. CFACT is a national, non-profit organization that advocates for free-market environmentalism. According to Houser, CFACT seeks to protect the earth from serious environmental issues while at the same time distancing itself … Continue reading CFACT: The Group for Common Sense Environmentalism

Climate Calisthenics for a Fossil Free Penn

On Monday, a group called Fossil Free Penn hosted a public protest against the Board of Trustees’ decision not to divest from fossil fuels. The event, titled “Speak Out for Climate Justice: Trustees, This is Not Over,” focused on the injustices of such phenomena as climate change, neoliberalism, and the patriarchy impose, especially upon women … Continue reading Climate Calisthenics for a Fossil Free Penn

Say No To Divestment, Penn

Penn has given me everything I have ever dreamed about. I have received unimaginable opportunities since coming here, and I know I am getting a quality education. Needless to say, I want what is best for this institution. Let me repeat that. I want what is best for this institution. After listening to the Penn … Continue reading Say No To Divestment, Penn

Conservative Conservation

You know, I just hate clean air. Polluting oceans and rivers happens to be a great pastime of mine, and gosh those elephants? Let’s just get rid of them. Right. That’s totally what conservatives believe when it comes to environmentalism. But wait… What do conservatives believe about environmentalism? In recent decades, unfortunately, the Republican Party … Continue reading Conservative Conservation

I’m Skeptical of Climate Change – Here’s Why

The earth’s climate is always changing. But as a skeptic of anthropogenic climate change theory I am not so arrogant to believe humans either omnipotent or omniscient, having neither the force to significantly alter the earth’s climate with our daily activities nor the knowledge to understand all possible factors that can affect climate. Aside from … Continue reading I’m Skeptical of Climate Change – Here’s Why

Media Alarm & Unscientific Methods

How NOT to make an effective argument for climate change theory “Another Ice Age?” trumpeted a headline in the June 24, 1974 edition of TIME magazine. This headline might seem to undermine the credibility of TIME's April 8, 2007 issue, whose cover boasted “The Global Warming Survival Guide: 51 things you can do to make a … Continue reading Media Alarm & Unscientific Methods